4 Facts Of The Cash Over Purchase Perk on The Discover Card


discover card tips, cash over purchase perks at discover card, discover card perksIt had been quite awhile since I had used my Discover Card, but when I used it recently I noticed something different about the transaction. During the process, it asked me if I wanted cash back, much like the payment terminals do when you use a debit card. Not believing it would work, I pressed the button to get $20 back. Sure enough, the terminal spits out a $20 bill.

Once I got home, I did some internet research and found that this is indeed a perk of using Discover. Some other interesting points about using your Discover to get cash back:

No Fees

There are no additional fees tacked on. There’s no fee for using an ATM, no bank fees, and no cash advance fee from Discover. If you were to go to an ATM to get a cash advance from your Visa, Mastercard or American Express, you might get hit with all three of these fees.

Purchase APR Applies

Getting a cash advance from a credit card usually means a higher interest rate. With Discover, the usual APR applies to any cash obtained as part of a purchase transaction.


Discover limits cash over purchase to $120 per day with no monthly limit. Retailers may, however, impose their own limits.

Participating Retailers

Not every retailer allows Discover users to get cash over their purchase amount. Some of the most well-known retailers that do include Walmart, Sam’s Club and Casey’s General Stores. The full list can be found here.

Using your Discover card to get cash back can be convenient and money saving for people who prefer to use credit cards for their purchases. If you need cash, you can save a trip to the ATM and avoid ATM, bank, and transaction fees.

How about you, Clever Friends, have you ever used the cash over purchase perk of a Discover card?

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  • Wow! I didn’t know that Discover had a cash over purchase option. It’s amazing that it doesn’t have any fees. Discover might be the next card that I get now!

  • This is interesting. When I’ve seen it pop up on the terminal I always thought they’d have to be treating it as a cash advance. I will definitely be doing this every time I visit the grocery store.

    Now, when taking cash over the purchase amount, does the cash count as part of the purchase from the retailer, or is it segregated as far as Discover is concerned? I’m guessing the latter. The reason is that we are in the 3-month period where grocery store purchases get 5% cash back. It would be something if I could get cash back on my cash over. I’ll give it a try today and see.

    • Discover keeps the cash over amount you request separate from the purchase amount so you won’t get any reward points or special interest on it.

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