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Spring is my favorite season of the year. Everything turns green, the weather gets warmer, and there are usually  great sales on charcoal. For as long as I can remember, Walmart has jump started Spring by having a fantastic sale on charcoal in April. For the duration of the sale, which usually lasts a few weeks, every time I stop at Walmart I pick up a couple of bags. Last year I had purchased close to 50 bags of charcoal by the end of the sale, creating a stash that I’m just seeing the end of now almost a year later.

But this year there was no sale. I’ve looked for the usual mound of cheap charcoal in the lawn and garden center over the last month, but haven’t found it. I was disappointed, but I know that there will be other opportunities to restock my charcoal pile at a great price.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day is just a few short weeks away, and Home Depot typically has their first charcoal sale of the season. They also have much bigger carts then Walmart. If this sale occurs again this year, I’ll be folding down the seats in my van and loading up in time for a big grilling weekend.

4th Of July Sales

Our nation’s birthday is also favorite time for people to light up the grills. Several stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Menards) are known to have great sales on grilling fuel. Even if I get a good haul later this month with a Memorial Day Sale, I’ll pick up more if the price is right.

Always On The Lookout

It could be that Walmart just decided to delay their sale a few weeks. Any of my usual suppliers could have a charcoal sale at any time. I’ll keep my eyes open for sales for the next few months, looking for the kind of price that I’m accustomed to seeing in the Spring.

My stash from last year is running low, but I’m not quite out yet. By being constantly on the lookout, and with a little luck I’ll have enough to keep grilling until I can hit a sale. Food off the grill always tastes great, but it’s just a little bit better knowing the charcoal I used was bought on sale.

How about you, Clever Friends? Have you seen any good charcoal sales yet this year?

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