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2nd Gathering of DC Personal Finance Bloggers was a success!

Last night, we had the 2nd DC Blogger Gathering; this time held at The Big Hunt outside the Dupont Circle metro stop. Fun was had by all, even though we think the bar lied to us about not having 15 cent wings! Regardless, the buffalo chicken sandwich was pretty good, and I think the others enjoyed their appetizers or meals as well.

We all want to thank Mapgirl for bringing this together, just as she did for the first DC Blogger Gathering held way back in January. She’s thinking of another one in August, but we’ll see how it goes from here given vacation and summer work schedules.

The Attendees:

We had a nice showing of attendees. We had representation of Maryland, Virginia and the District. Turns out I work across the street from one blogger, and live a couple miles away from another!

I included my name so others can copy and paste the list for their own sites. I really don’t think of myself in third person POV (most of the time). Unfortunately, Single Ma from Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials was deathly ill, and couldn’t make it. We were all looking forward to meeting her! Maybe next time.

Also, work schedules restricted a few others from attending, but I’ll go ahead and link to them anyway. These bloggers had planned on attending but had to cancel last-minute:

We all got to chat about what’s happening in the blogging world, and I specifically marveled at the wonders of the scooter-riding phenomena. I actually considered selling my truck and buying a scooter a few weeks ago, and I’m still enticed by the 100 miles per gallon rating on these things. We’ll see what happens!

Thanks everyone!

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