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Every couple was once just two crazy kids in love. But somewhere along the way jobs, kids, hobbies, house payments and the usual drumbeat of life can make couples forget why it is they fell in love with each other.

While it’s important for couples to make time for each other, how they choose to do that has to fit within the budget. Having a little fun with your significant other doesn’t have to cost a lot. Ideally, you could just stare longingly into each other eyes, but the reality is it’s also fun to do an activity together. Couples sometimes have a problem coming up with romantic date ideas to do at home or activities to do together.

With that in mind, call the babysitter and/or set some time aside for just the two of you. Here are seventeen frugal date ideas that will help keep the connection with your loved one:

1. Ice Cream Date

Pick your favorite specialty ice cream place or even get Sundaes from McDonald’s for just over a $1 each. Sit outside in the summer or sit in a booth, but spend time feeding each other a sweet dessert and enjoying the time together.

2. Bowling

Feel like getting a little competitive? Rent some shoes and lane and knock down some pins together. It’s a great way to have fun while spending time with your significant other.

3. Cheap Movie

Whether it’s a matinee or a free Saturday morning movie, go find a movie to watch with your special someone. Leave the popcorn at the concession stand and hold hands instead.

4. Scenic Walk

Whether it’s at a nature center, along a river, or through a neighborhood with really nice houses, take a walk with your partner while having a great view.

5. Build A Fire

There are not many things in life more relaxing, or romantic, than sitting by a fire. Go to your local hardware store and pick up a bundle of wood for just a few bucks.

6. Go To A Local Sporting Event

Professional sporting events are super expensive, but tickets to a local minor league team are much more affordable. Sit in the stands and take in a baseball game for a few hours alone with your loved one!

7. Local Winery Visit

Small, local wineries are popping up seemingly everywhere. You can tour the grounds, and then a sample of the product. Many wineries will offer flights of wine (small samples of several kinds). Fun, educational and romantic; what else could you want from a date!

8. Massages

You don’t need a certification, a book, or even a video. Just get a bottle of massage oil or relaxing scented lotion and take turns giving each other a massage.

9. Rent a Canoe

Canoes and kayaks can be rented on rivers and waterways by the hour very inexpensively. It doesn’t matter if you’re any good at it, it’s all about just spending time together.

10. Visit an Apple Orchard

Fall is a great time to visit Apple Orchards. Take a hayride, and then take your time walking through the trees picking out the best apples to take home with you!

11. Coffee Date

Coffee shops are a great place to get a cup of coffee (or maybe a juice or fruit smoothie if you don’t like coffee) and just hang out and talk.

12. Community Education

Many cities offer inexpensive community education classes including how to cook, to wine tasting, and infinite other possibilities. It could even become a weekly event for a season depending upon the class!

13. Rooftop Happy Hour

Research your local area and find a bar that has an open rooftop with a happy hour. Sit outside during the warmer seasons with a happy hour priced beverage, enjoy the view of the skyline and some time alone with your significant other!

14. Ice Skating

Many recreation centers offer indoor ice skating year round. For just a few dollars you can rent a pair of skates and laugh at each other falling down for a few hours.

15. Fly A Kite

Relive your childhood by purchasing an inexpensive kite and re-mastering how to get it up in the air. Once you do, sit on a hillside holding the string and see how long you and your loved one can keep it flying.

16. Bingo

Bingo has a reputation of being an activity for the elderly. UNTRUE! Get your dabber ready, Bingo these days is a fast-paced game. You’ll have a ton of fun, AND you might just win a little extra cash!

17. Play A Board Game

For a small initial investment, a board game can be purchased for endless hours of fun. You’ll be surprised at the range of games available these days. Once you buy one, you might just be hooked!

Feeding and nurturing a relationship takes effort, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of money. Bookmark this list of frugal date ideas to keep both your heart and your wallet full.  This is just the first installment of frugal date ideas, check back again soon for more!

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