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10 Podcasts to Boost Your Personal Finance Brainpower

After the financial crisis and the recession that ensued, you may have realized the importance of increasing or enhancing your personal finance brainpower. With so much on your plate though, it can be difficult to find time to sit down and read up on the latest tips and trends. Whether you’re on the go or have a couple of spare minutes to sit down in front of the computer, here are ten podcasts that might help you enhance your personal finance education. Find a podcast that suits your requirements for learning, subscribe to it and download the latest episodes to your iPod so you can listen and learn on the commute.

1. Sound Investing

Whether you are looking for information as to whether you should change your asset allocation depending on how much money you have, or information about small cap stocks and value investing, the “Sound Investing” podcast could be a great way to boost your financial brainpower.

2. The Real Estate Guys

If you are interested in current trends in the real estate market, this podcast could be a great stop for educating yourself. With program titles such as “Does it Still Make Sense to Own Your Home?” and “Old School Real Estate Debt Free Investing” you may pick up some information on this podcast to make you a better investor.

3. The Dave Ramsey Show

Probably the best and most widely known name on this list, Dave Ramsey offers a variety of communications mediums when it comes to where you can find his shows, including podcasts. If you desire to increase your financial knowledge regarding becoming debt free, want to ensure that you remain debt free, or are just looking to pick up helpful personal finance tidbits, listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcasts could be a great way to begin.

4. Planet Money

This podcast is put out by NPR (who also produces numerous other podcasts as well). If you are looking for a more global view of economics and financial issues, the “Planet Money” podcast could be a good place to start. Once there, you might want to check out some of NPR’s other podcasts as well.

5. Marketplace Money

Speaking of other NPR podcasts, let’s continue the subject by reviewing “Marketplace Money”. Changes in money habits, answers to listener questions, student loan issues, and answers to interesting questions such as “What would you do for five bucks?” are just some of the topics you might find being discussed on the show. For the fun of it, you might also want to check out the “Marketplace Minute,” which takes the week’s big business news and puts it into a 60-second poem.

6. On the Money

You may already have seen host Carmen Wong Ulrich on CNBC (since this is a CNBC podcast). Her “On the Money” podcast, may help you with gaining financial information and guide you through decisions pertinent to your personal financial life.

7. Money Girl

The “Money Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips” podcast could help you with issues such as “How to Deal with Debt Collectors”, “How to Build Credit”, or review topics such as “How Will Healthcare Reform Affect Health Savings Accounts?” and “Who’s Eligible for Family and Medical Leave from Work?” It’s a wide ranging podcast that will help keep you informed and prepared to manage your personal finances, whatever may arise.

8. Money Guy

Guess we can’t have a money girl without a money guy. Hosted by Brian Preston, a man with more titles and qualifications than I care to mention, the “Money Guy” podcast is essential listening for anyone who wants to get more bang for their buck. Brian looks to “restore order to your personal financial chaos” and presents podcasts such as “Cheapskates, Tightwads, and Penny Pinchers” and “Selecting Tax Efficient Investments”.

9. Kiplinger’s

Updated every other Tuesday, you can find podcasts here related to retirement, finding deals, where to put your money, how to control and manage your finances, and similar personal finance topics.

10. Wall Street Journal’s Your Money Matters

You may want to take a listen to this podcast to get personal finance advice on a variety of everyday money matters from credit cards to debt management and investing. The Wall Street Journal offers a number of other podcasts geared toward money matters as well.

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