10 Dorm Room Necessities

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In about 2 weeks my son will be moving into his dorm room and begin his freshman year in college. For parents, it’s been years since they’ve been college or they may not have gone at all.  This makes it difficult to make sure your student is well prepared for move in day. In an attempt to help other parents, I put together a list of things my wife and I have gathered to make sure our son is comfortable in his new home.

  • Television : Provides entertainment for a group of friends, or for times when he’s by himself.
  • Mini Refrigerator : He’s got a meal plan that allows him to eat anytime the dining hall is open. But the dining hall isn’t open late at night. A mini fridge will allow him to have food and beverages available in the comfort of his dorm room. We got him one that has an actual separate freezer door, not just a little compartment like the mini fridges of years ago.
  • Microwave : If he’s going to have food in his room, he might want to warm it up. Microwave popcorn alone makes this a necessity.
  • Bedding : Dorm room beds are usually extra long, requiring special sheets that you may not already have.
  • Futon : If there’s room, your student may want to have something to provide extra seating. A futon is a perfect inexpensive option that not only gives them a couch but also an extra bed if a friend comes to visit.
  • Area Rug : Dorm rooms usually have tile or linoleum floors. The addition of a 5×8 area rug makes the room much more homey, and reduces echo.
  • Garbage Can : We almost overlooked this one, but it’s definitely a necessity. Your college student will be throwing away food wrappers and papers.
  • Mini Vacuum and/or Broom : Over the course of a school year things will be dropped on the floor and dust bunnies will accumulate in the corners. Give your student the tools to clean, and they just might do it.
  • Shower Caddy : Carrying all their stuff to the shower will be much easier if they have something to transport it to and from the bathroom.
  • Laundry Basket : This may be your child’s first time they are responsible for their own laundry. They may not appreciate the laundry basket when they move in, but they will eventually.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in college, but I can visualize all the things I had in my dorm room. I’m sure after he moves in we’ll discover something we forgot, but I think we’ve given him a good foundation to have all the things he needs to make his dorm room feel like home.

How about you, Clever Friends, do you have anything to add to the list?

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  • You might want to include shower shoes so he won’t have to walk around barefoot in the bathroom. Also a mini emergency kit with bandaids etc. since those might not be easy to find on campus.

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