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1 man, 21 kids, minimum wage and child support

Just watch the video and try to figure it out for yourself. I’m dumbfounded. (this is safe for work)

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  • Too late for that now. Have fun paying for it, American Taxpayer.

    On a different note, a store in my area had to pull a contraversial t-shirt they were selling. It read “I work hard because thousands of welfare people depend on me.” I wish I could have grabbed one. I’m not against the Welfare system, but there is an awful lot of abuse.

  • I don’t even know what to say about this one. I just feel bad for the children, because it’s not their fault. What a shame.

  • His last comment says it all “it just happened” – he’s not going to stop – it’s just going to “keep happening”. What a jerk. He can’t keep it in his pants and now these kids have to grow up on welfare cause he doesn’t make enough to buy them lunch at school for a day. Things like this tick me off because he’s draining the system of money that hardworking people who can’t catch a break need.

  • Sounds like this guy has taken it upon himself to multiply and replenish the earth. Yes he totally needs to figure out a way to support all these kids, but seriously, but at the same time these women should not be exempt from the consequences of their decisions as well. The saddest part of all this is of course the children who didn’t have a choice at all. I would love to see this country get back to family values and support marriage and families or things will continue to get worse.

  • Honestly drain on the welfare system or not I feel bad for the kids, they are the real victims here well before the taxpayers.

    I had a neighbor family down the street a good Catholic family and they had 16 kids. The difference is they were a family and they were honestly good kids and man were they resourceful. Have you ever seen a group of 5 kids riding bikes without brakes? They’d just head down the hill with 1 foot on the tire…awesome.

  • A few random thoughts:

    It just happened???

    What does the state feel it will gain by sending him to jail? The time he spends in jail reducdes his ability to keep whatever job he has and/or get a new one.

    Dear Baby Momma’s: once he’s had 5 kids with multiple ladies, why did you jump into bed with him? Why?

    I think the whole thing is an endorsement for good sex ed repeatedly during school.

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