Share the Love Review Details

1. Ask me to add a link to your site – I’ll review your site, usually going back through a month of postings. It’s my choice when to add sites, and if you’re new, I might reject your link at first. Email again in a few months when you have more content and I’ll look it over again.
2. Add a link to Clever Dude on your site – I call this the “SHARING” part. You share with me and I share with you. Be warned, though, that I go through all my sidebar links to make sure you still have my link displayed. If you don’t have my link any longer, then I’ll either contact you to ask why, or just remove your link from my site.
3. Give me some history about yourself and your site’s goal – I need something to write! Also, I want to make sure your site has a purpose. Otherwise, there’s more of a chance your site is going to die in just a few months.
4. Feel free to write your own article about Clever Dude! (optional, but appreciated)
5. Don’t feel bad if I don’t add your link to my sidebar yet, or if I don’t write a review. I don’t want to have TOO long of a sidebar link list, so I have to get picky. Generally, I’ll add a site that’s been in my reading list for a couple months and writes almost daily.

And of course, my disclaimer is I have full rights to choose who gets a review versus just a link. Also, I might choose to write a review without adding a link.

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