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You’ve Earned It: How to Enjoy your Wealth


If you have managed to carve out a successful career or built a thriving business over a period of time it is perfectly acceptable to consider your options and ponder how you might enjoy some of the wealth you have created.

It’s a nice problem to have but the dilemma might be trying to decide what sort of possessions you might want to accumulate and what sort of life experiences should be on your list of goals?

Here is a look at some of the positive ways you might want to enjoy some of your wealth, including an overview of how to create a vision of what you to do with your wealth, how to create a luxury car buying experience, see your favorite rock band in style, plus why art ticks a lot of boxes for wealthy individuals.

Living the dream

Building up a level of financial security and comfort is an achievement in itself but it pays to have a plan and a vision so that you know exactly what you want your wealth to do for you and how it will enhance your lifestyle.

The aim should be to create a plan that finds a great balance between creating an investment strategy that continues to build and strengthen your wealth and the important matter of having a bit of fun and enjoying some of the fruits of your labor.

Taking car buying to the next level

One of the first things that many of us think about doing when we are enjoying a good income and accumulating wealth is buying a luxury car.

It is a nice feeling walking into a car showroom and knowing that the models on display are well within your means so that you can have your pick, but if you want to behave like a wealthy person and take the car buying experience to the next level you won’t even need to visit the showroom.

There is something almost vaguely unpleasant about haggling over prices and going through the options with a salesman, especially when there is a far more enjoyable option to consider.

You could order your new car directly from the factory and then set off for a luxury trip to the destination, where you will be treated like the valued customer you are, plus you get the enjoyment of driving away and starting a fantastic road trip the minute you have the keys in your hand.

If you pick your luxury make and model carefully you should also be able to get more for your car when you sell it, as there are a number of sought-after status cars that hold their value, so you can have some fun and get a chunk of your cash back when you move on to the next luxury vehicle.

Best seat in the house

If you are looking for an unbeatable once-in-a-lifetime experience the chance to see your favorite rock band or artist up close is probably going to be on your bucket list.

If you have been somewhere near the front at a concert you may have noticed some seating and a VIP area just off the stage but very close to the action. A VIP ticket package can get you on stage with your favorite rock star and sometimes there is a chance to press the flesh or a photo opportunity before or after the concert.

You need to expect to pay way more than the average ticket price for this sort of experience but if you can afford the best seat in the house, why not go for it?

Art can be enjoyable and profitable

There are some seriously wealthy people around who invest ‘eye-watering’ large sums of money when a Monet or Van Gogh comes up for auction but even if you are not in that league in wealth terms there are plenty of reasons to get involved in art collecting.

A number of wealthy individuals view art collecting as a win-win situation as you are buying something of beauty that you can enjoy when it’s hanging on a wall in your home, plus the investment return can be very rewarding if you have a keen eye.

If you are a new collector you can have a lot of fun searching out works by artists who are on the rise or you can actually pick up lesser works by major names. Fine art as an investment has proved to be remarkably robust over the years and it could be an enjoyable and profitable way to enjoy some of your wealth.

Whatever you decide to do with your wealth you’ve earned it, so you might as well as enjoy the opportunity to enjoy spending some of it too on some amazing things and experiences.

Kyle McLean was a workaholic for 20 years before a health scare made him slow down and take stock of his life. He wasn’t happy with what he saw and has since turned over a new leaf. He writes about living life on your terms and enjoying the bigger, as well as the smaller things.

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