Your 3 Month Plan to Selling Your Home

cdIf you haven’t sold property over the past ten years but are about to venture into the market, then prepare yourself for a rude awakening! Beware, today’s buyers are demanding, far savvier about how the process works and set their own schedule for seeing houses rather than letting anyone else dictate to them.

If you’re looking to get your home up for sale and sold quickly, then the following guide is perfect for you, setting out the best way to get it done within a three month timeframe.

Sell first, then buy

One of the biggest dilemmas faced by anyone selling concerns buying a new home at the same, but in general it’s better and smarter to sell before you buy. This stops you getting stuck with two mortgages at once, and being on the end of a chain is attractive to prospective buyers.

You may be able to rent for a few months, which will prevent the deal collapsing because you’re not dependent on buying a new place before you complete.

Don’t just list your home, market it!

The biggest thing to speed up the process is finding an estate an agent who can develop a full-blown marketing plan, including social media, great photographs, video walkthroughs and clear floor plans.

Buyers do so much more research ahead of time, going through website listings and are used to getting the maximum amount of information with a few simple clicks, meaning a quality online agent can quickly pay for themselves. Online estate agents such as www.jethomes.co.uk offer quick and convenient solutions that can get you marketing your properties quicker than you can imagine.

Don’t test the market.

The biggest mistake and one which slows things down immeasurably is pricing your property too high when first putting it on the market. Not only does this mean subsequently cutting the price, but it means more time on the market and research shows that the first week sees four times more visits than later down the line, and dropping your list price even once hints to buyers that you’ll go even lower if they push you.

Fix what’s broken

Take an honest look around your house room by room and fixing any problems before you list the house, despite the out-of-pocket costs. Buyers in particular don’t want to come in and do lots of work, they just want to move in and get on with life!

Clean up

If you haven’t already, your agent will soon tell you to empty out wardrobes and storage spaces, clear off worktops, take down your family photos and move out some of the furniture. Let people imagine the house as their home not yours!

If you had to sell your home in a short space of time, what would be your top three tips? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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