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You know you use the computer too much when…

you write on paper and expect a red squigly line to appear under a misspelled word.

I only ever take quick notes during class or in work meetings, so I really don’t write much offline. Therefore, when I took a written midterm exam a few weeks ago, I was confused why an apparent misspelling wasn’t showing the red line. I quickly realized I was looking at a paper, not a computer screen.

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  • *laughs hard* What’s worse is that I’ve become accustomed to auto correct for simple errors, like CApitalizing the first two letters of the word or revresing two obvious letters. But comment boxes don’t catch that. :-p

  • Yep,

    I know what you mean. But I’ve spoilt myself even more with AutoHotKey.

    I have the hotkey script preloaded with their AutoCorrect list from their website. I run this at home and work. So it auto corrects in EVERY single text box. (It just changed wokr to work).


    Who knows that I’ll do when faced with your situation (wiht to with) 🙂

  • @ Mrs. Micah,

    Get Firefox. It will spell check wherever you type – even in comment boxes. In fact I just checked it with the CApitalizing error and it catches it every time.

  • Ha!

    I took a midterm a few weeks ago, and since I type on a laptop during my classes and thus rarely ever write longhand anymore, I was surprised at how bad my handwriting had gotten. Also I occasionally switch letters around while writing, so some of my sentences had every third or fourth word crossed out and re-written. I actually wrote an apology in my bluebook to the professor, it was a bit sad.

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