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Yet another 8 random things about me

WAAAAY back in August (uh, 2 weeks ago), the Frugal Law Student tagged me to give up 8 random things about me. You can see the first 8 here, and the second 8 here. Usually, when I write personal things about myself, I’ll add it to my About page.

So here’s my shot at yet another 8 random things about the Clever Dude. I hope I’m not scraping the bottom of the barrel!:

  1. I’ll eat anything that doesn’t smell bad. Some things I don’t like are creamed peas and menudo (just like the Frugal Law Student). I tried menudo and it smelled like rotten socks and didn’t taste much better either. I’ve had cow stomach in Chinese dishes and it was totally different.
  2. My blood pressure and cholesterol are great! All you people think I’m a rage-a-holic, which I sort of am, but my blood pressure has always been about 120/80 and has actually been decreasing in the last couple years. And with all those Chinese buffets and Fogo de Chao, I still have average cholesterol readings. Nyah!
  3. I actually tried to get addicted to smoking in college. You heard that right. My parents and sister were/are smokers, and I figured there HAD to be something to this smoking thing. I was a social smoker (1-2 cigarettes per month at a bar), so I decided to go buy a pack. I got through the first two cigs, and lit up the third (with time in between each one). I didn’t get sick or anything, but I just decided that the thrill was gone after the first two and tossed the whole pack. I’m just the lucky one who didn’t get addicted. Oh, and I haven’t smoked since college. It’s not worth the bad breath, dry mouth and guilt about the damage I just did to my lungs.
  4. Fall is my favorite time of year. I like the smell in the air and football. Speaking of sports…
  5. The only sport I care about is football. More specifically, I only follow the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penn State Nittany Lions. I don’t participate in fantasy leagues, and before last weekend, I didn’t even know/remember a single player on the PSU roster. I really just care who won, the final score and if the game is on locally.
  6. My job title is Systems Engineer. A vast majority of PF bloggers are engineers, but I’m not a true one. I don’t have a programming background, and never want to be a programmer. I have a business school degree. Actually…
  7. I’m getting my masters in Systems Engineering. It took me 6 years to determine what higher education I should attain after my undergrad, and I finally picked systems engineering. It’s what I currently do and the program I’m in is very pertinent to my job. I’m very glad I waited to get more experience and figure out what program was the best fit for me.
  8. All my sentimental stuff fits into a single large shoebox. I’m sure my mom still has toys up in her attic from when I was little, but I’m not the sentimental type. I don’t really cling to material things, so I keep anything that is/was important to me in a single box. These are mostly cards I got and a few awards. I also kept my PSU acceptance letter and first job offer after school (uh, the only one actually).

I like putting these lists together, and I think you like them too, but I won’t be passing this along to anyone else. However, if you’re a newer blogger, I suggest writing one to let your readers know more about you. Put the link on your About page too.

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