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Yes Carnivals, I’m Still Alive

It’s been months since I submitted any of my articles to a blog carnival. I just kept forgetting. Well, I remember on Saturday after our house guests left and submitted to THREE great carnivals.

If you don’t know what a blog carnival is, it’s basically a single site accepting submissions of links of good articles of a specific topic. That site posts those links, usually in categories and sometimes with a descriptive storyline (those are the best). In fact, I put together the Carnival of Personal Finance #103, The 24 Edition last year, and it was a big hit (and a lot of work!). That took so much out of me that I still haven’t hosted another carnival since then, except for my own Carnival of Clever Dude 2007, which I used to highlight my best and favorite articles from all of 2007.

This Week’s Carnivals:

First up is the Carnival of Personal Finance #167, hosted by the Broke Grad Student. Given the timing, the carnival has an Olympics theme and content-appropriate categories. My own article, “Riches Do Not Equal Prosperity“, was including in the “Finance” category. Kind of a catch-all category I guess.

Next was Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted by No Credit Needed. Much appreciation to NCN for giving my article “Changing Gears on Our Debt Repayment” top billing! While it was initially just going to be a personal article about our current situation, I  think I edited it enough to make it educational for my readers as well.

And finally, just posted this morning, the Festival of Frugality #140, hosted by Fire Finance. With cutesy images and excellent quotes, the festival is segmented into categories such as Family & Home, Health & Food, and my own article’s category, Cars. Thanks FF for posting my article “How to Change Your Car’s Engine Oil“! I think it’s an excellent resource for automotive amateurs like myself, and even includes some cost comparisons (your results WILL vary).

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