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Last month, TurboTax had a happy hour for financial bloggers, and while I wasn’t able to make it, J Money at was nice enough to give me one of his free TurboTax Premier online codes to give away (he just gave away 4!).

I’ve been using TurboTax for about 3-4 years now since switching from H&R Block and I’ve stayed very happy with their questionairres and help pages. My taxes have gotten less complicated, or should have, except my new employer (end of 2010) decided to take the wrong state taxes out and I’m still waiting on a corrected 2010 and 2011 W-2. It turns out, though, that I can submit returns with corrected W-2’s online through TurboTax. Also, TurboTax only charges if you eFile, not if you print out your taxes and mail them in.

And if you’re into the whole mobile thing, file your taxes on your cell phone or file your taxes on your iPad.

Now Time For The Giveaway!

turbotax premierUp for grabs is a Free TurboTax Premier card a value of  $49.95. TurboTax Premier includes everything in Deluxe, plus additional features to help you get the most from your investments and rental properties:

 Import Your Investment Info. Save time by automatically importing participating investment info directly from your financial institution.
 Get Help Accurately Reporting Investment Sales. You’ll be walked through reporting sales of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. TurboTax will automatically calculate capital gains/losses and keeps track of those that carry over to future tax returns.
 Your Cost Basis in Three Easy Steps. Find your accurate purchase price for stock sales, in three easy steps.
 Get Help with Employee Stock Plans. Get guidance in reporting sales. TurboTax automatically determines your correct basis for selling shares purchased at different times or different prices.
 Maximize Your IRA Savings. TurboTax will show you exactly how much you can save on this year’s taxes by opening or contributing to an IRA.
 See Your Best Rental Depreciation Method. Simplify reporting rental property depreciation. You’ll be shown which depreciation method will get you the biggest tax deduction.
 Maximize Refinancing Deductions. You’ll be guided through deducting points, appraisal fees, recording costs, and more so you don’t miss a single chance to save.
 Get Help with New Rental Properties.Get step by step guidance in how to set up new rental properties.

How to Enter to Win One:

Answer this question below in the comments, and you’ll be entered to win any the card:


What is your tax planning strategy? Do you just enter a number on your W-4 and hope it’s correct, use an accountant, or something in-between?


Throw your answers below!  Make sure to get ‘em in by Tuesday, the 20th, and I’ll use to pick the results so it’s nice and fair.  Good luck!! Big thanks again to TurboTax too.

SORRY BUT THE CONTEST ENDED. Congratulations to Paul for winning the TurboTax Premier code! Keep checking back for more giveaways!

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  • I look at each years projected income and try my best to figure out how much I need to pay and make sure we don’t over pay or under pay too much.

  • After evaluating our tax return each year, we sit down with a comparison calculator available through our work, and run the adjustments to evaluate the numbers and get less of a tax return each year.

  • My tax planning strategy is use tax program to calculate the return and then compare previous year’s return to double check if I entered all possible deductions.