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Win $200 Cash – Guess the NASDAQ Closing Price

Stock Trading VI Contest officially launches today, and is now open for registration.

Registration Dates: Friday May 18th – Sunday May 20th 9:00 PM EST
Contest Dates: Monday May 20th – Friday May 25th


To register, simply leave a comment with this post with either one or all of the following:

1. Your guess of what you think the NASDAQ Composite will close at next Friday the 25th of May… to the penny.
2. One stock pick for next week (include the ticker please, must be over $1 a share and be findable on yahoo finance!)
3. One SHORT stock pick for next week (include ticker, must be over $1 a share, yahoo finance requirement)

Note: You don’t have to participate in all three categories, you can chose to participate in just one, or two, or all three.

$200 CASH PRIZE and Other Ways to Win

Winners will be determined by the following:

* Closest NASDAQ Close Guess to the actual close
* Highest Return for the week on your stock
* Highest Return for the week on your stock SHORT

Cash Grand Prize: If you can guess the NASDAQ close to the PENNY, Blain will hook you up with $200 CASH. This is a MULTI-SITE CONTEST, and each community is also fighting out it to see who has the “best guessers”!


So who what blogger communities are involved in this stock picking battle royal? Throw your hands and give a warm welcome to Million Dollar Journey, Clever Dude, Money Matter & More Musings, The Bull Trader, and of course Stock Trading Online.

They will be taking in entries as well, and it is our community versus theirs, but we all know who will come out victorious!

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