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Win $100 Cash – Guess the Nasdaq closing price here by Sunday night!

Fresh off the last multi-site stock contest, Blain from Stock Trading 101 has upped the ante on this stock contest installment.

If you can guess the EXACT closing price of the Nasdaq for Friday, April 27th, 2007, then Blain will send you $100 CASH!

This is a multi-site contest, so enter the contest right here at

How to Enter:

1. Simple. Leave a comment on THIS POST ON MY SITE by 9pm Eastern, Sunday, April 22nd with your guess at the closing price TO THE EXACT PENNY of the Nasdaq stock market next Friday (April 29th).

2. You must leave your valid email address when you comment. Otherwise, we won’t be able to track you down to send you the money. Your email address will never be used for anything other than if you’re the winner of this contest.

3. Blain will go through all of the pre-determined sites (Clever Dude being one of them) and collect the guesses Sunday night and place them in a spreadsheet. You cannot place multiple guesses on multiple sites.

The community with closest guess average overall wins points, and individually the closest guesses also win their community points.

To read the full details of the contest, check out Blain’s article, but make sure you place your guess here at Clever Dude!

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