Why You Should Invest in Gold Bullion

gold-513062_640Historically, gold has been around for centuries, and while it’s no longer the number form of currency, it should still be part of your financial portfolio. This is because gold retains its value in times of hardship. In addition, often money seems so unreachable during these times so buying some gold bullion and actually seeing your gold investment feels satisfying. But besides your personal satisfaction, here are some of the advantages of buying gold bullion:

  • Gold retains its value. Even if the actual price of gold decreases momentarily, it retains its worth. This is partly because gold is a rare and precious metal. Most kinds of investments lose their worth, such as a car or a house you bought 50 years ago. Not gold. It’s worth more with today’s currency.
  • In fact, gold actually rises in value whenever inflation occurs. If the value of a US dollar or a Euro falls, then the price of gold rises. Gold will remain the only currency that will be in demand worldwide.
  • Owning physical gold allows you the freedom to do whatever you need with it. Gold provides liquid assets for your financial portfolio because it can easily be exchanged into cash worldwide if the need arises.
  • Gold bullion, especially bullion bars feature lower premiums. Often dealers can persuade you into purchasing a “collectible” or “historical” gold coin but actual gold bullion bars consist of just melted gold bars. This helps keep their premium price closer to the quoted spot price, generally only a few percent over, which can save you hundreds. It allows you to build your portfolio quickly. In addition, it’s easier to buy bullion bars without getting scammed. You can even buy gold in Adelaide without any worries.
  • Gold bullion coins, such as the British Sovereigns or American Gold Eagles are recognized as legal tender. The country that issued each bullion coin stands behind its reputation. These coins typically weigh around 1.1 ounces or one Troy ounce. Again, they’re a fairly affordable way to invest in gold as all you need is a safely deposit box to store your gold coins. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes these coins as a collectible, which helps because you don’t have to pay extra cash for capital gains like many other investments.

While it can be beneficial to purchase your gold in person from a bank or gold dealer, you can also buy gold bullion from trusted gold dealers online. When comparing prices, make sure the one you choose, offers the current rates, a good delivery plan, and a buy back option, in case you’re not satisfied for any reason.

You should be all set to know join the craze of gold investment and owing some of your own gold bullion.

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