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Why Education is an Important Investment

Getting an education is extremely important for the economic development of any country. The more well-educated people there are in a country, the greater and healthier the economy can become as a whole. This basically means more nurses, doctors, scientists; more people that are positively contributing to society. The rate of poverty and low socio-economic status in the world could greatly be improved if education was made a priority rather than accepting the status quo.

Socioeconomic status – What is it?

Socio-economic status is a measure of one’s worth defined by income, education and occupation in relation to others. Those that have a lower socioeconomic status are at higher risk for a multitude of health and social issues. One of the main deciding factors of socioeconomic status is education.

If your parents are not educated and have a low socioeconomic status, then it is likely that you will continue that cycle. This makes education ever more crucial. Increasing one’s socioeconomic status by getting an education will not only improve their physical and mental health, but also the potential to completely transform their life, and the lives of their families.

Being uneducated – The Cycle

Inadequate education leads to huge gaps in the jobs market that people are unable to fill. Uneducated individuals are more likely to be unemployed and live on state benefits and much less likely to be a positive contributing member of society. This continues a vicious cycle for themselves, and their families. Unable to get a job because of no education, but unable to afford education because there is no income. Children whose parents have not had an education, are much less likely to attain an education themselves. This creates a socio-economic cycle that is so difficult to get out of.

Education – Stresses

The rising costs of obtaining an education have impacted the amount of people that are pursuing higher studies such as specialised degrees. Education is becoming an increasingly hard thing to attain for the general population. For the percentage of those who can afford to get an education, or drown in student debt in order to get through university, the added stresses of university can take their own toll. Most students get overwhelmed with all the assignments that are due, and are not aware that they are able to get assignment help.

Exacting Change

If only primary and secondary education were more attainable to everyone around the world, 420 million people would no longer be living in poverty. This would reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty by more than half.

For there to be any change, however, education needs to be made the number one priority across the globe. Until world leaders are willing to see things in a different light, and acknowledge the fact that, although education should be a right to everybody in the world, there are millions of people in the world who do not have this right. Until enough people around the world stand up and declare that education is an important investment, it will be hard to exact change worldwide.


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