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Why Are People Leaving Cable for Streaming TV?

On-demand streaming services have paid the way for a customizable and personal viewing experience. Since streaming tv became mainstream, people have been leaving canceling their cable subscriptions in large numbers. Many cable television providers started to launch live television streaming services to stay on top of this change. But why are people leaving cable for streaming tv? Let’s take a look at streaming tv and how it meets users’ needs.


The days of inconvenient streaming is long gone. Online streaming devices come with a remote and even apps that enable voice searching and navigation. It literally became easier to switch between movie and tv show streams that it is to change the channel on your Cable TV. Recent builds and updates also make it easier to access content that may not be readily available.

Since the mechanism behind conventional cable and satellite television is more static and inaccessible to users, cable TV service providers find it more difficult to provide their customers with the same levels of convenience.


One of the biggest perks of online streaming is personalization. If you are watching a tv show, for example, and exit halfway through, the interface will remember where you were and allow you to continue from the very place you stopped watching. Many streaming services offer skins and themes that users can use to personalize their interface and make it unique.

Users that don’t like being tracked for advertising purposes can often head over to their settings and switch off the tracking or any other feature that they find annoying. Since cable subscriptions offer very little opportunity for the customers to interact with them and also because there is no platform that is accessible to them, they can’t meet the demands for personalization that streaming services can. Subscribers can also access content everywhere and not only in their living rooms.

The biggest personalization benefit that consumers get with streaming services is the fact that they can stream any content that they want, whereas with cable they are severely limited. They have to wait a week before they can watch a new episode. With streaming services, on the other hand, they can binge watch television show and movies.


The low cost of streaming services in relation to cable and satellite television subscriptions are a big incentive for people to leave cable for streaming services. Cable providers have large fixed costs that they have to deal with that streaming services doesn’t, mainly because of the cost of content creation. Switching to streaming services allow people to save money.

Media platform centers like Kodi is another reason people prefer to leave cable. These platforms are compatible with online streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, which means that people with uncapped internet can stream unlimited content at almost no additional costs.

Live TV Broadcasts

Cable television’s saving grace used to be the fact that consumers don’t want to miss out on things like news, sports, and live events. Unfortunately for them, many live streaming services started seeing the light, making it difficult for cable tv providers to compete. These live streaming services also offer add-ons and packages to incentives people to cut the cord completely with cable tv. Many of them are also compatible with popular and high-quality online streaming devices like Apple TV, Android, and Amazon Fire TV.

Additional Features

Apart from video streaming like movies and series, streaming services offer tons of additional value that subscriber often gets for free. These include things like apps, games, and music streaming. Hardware add-ons like Bluetooth game controllers and headphones render online streaming services the ultimate one-stop entertainment solution for household and individuals alike.


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