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Whoah, elevators can cause quite a controversy!

I seem to have aggravated and even insulted a few readers with my article “Stupid, lazy people on elevators and escalators“. I tried to put enough disclaimers that it’s truly a subjective analysis of the rider (whether they’re able-bodied”), and I recognize that I don’t have x-ray vision. However, I want to state the following:

When I said “stupid, lazy people” I did mean those who are truly able-bodied enough to use the stairs to go up or down 1 flight. I wonder whether I really should have mentioned the bit about glaring at people who appear able-bodied as it’s a totally subjective analysis of their condition. But it has provoked some great conversation and I did get some new perspectives.

For example, Tim writes:

Now given that the elevator is a communal thing, when aboard it no longer becomes your time. If your time is valuable, then you ought to better manage it to provide more sufficient time. Now of course, you could take the stairs if you truly wanted to be on your own time.

And Tracey said:

1. Sometimes people don’t know where the stairs are, eg., new, or visiting the building.
2. Sometimes the stairwells are creepy – personal safety may be something you rarely need to think about being an able bodied guy, but women might feel too vulnerable in an office stairwell. This is the same reason some companies put card readers on the women’s restrooms.
3. Huffing and puffing is not the most business like way to meet someone in the office. Maybe your out of shape person might take the ‘vater when he or she wants to make a better first impression.

Basically, I agree with all the commenters. I’ll change my perspective of my fellow riders. I can’t promise that I won’t subconsciously judge them, but I won’t make a show of my disapproval. Perhaps someday I’ll learn patience (I know Who can teach me, I just need to be willing to learn though).

Thanks readers! Keep the comments coming, whether you agree with me or not!

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  • Oh c’mon Clever Dude, you mean to say that you’re going along with the herd mentality and will be changing your attitude accordingly?

    If you feel strongly about something, take a stand and say it. The commenters made some good points, but so did you.

  • And I maintain that people who ride the elevator three floors are lazy. You can run a marathon, but you aren’t willing to walk up three flights of stairs?

    Just consider it marathon training, and take the stairs two at a time. Sheesh. Pot, meet kettle.

  • Anonymous, if you’re the same commenter from the other post (and based on your second comment here, you are), then I figured you would have unsubscribed by now. Why are you still hanging around? Not that you’re not invited to stay though 🙂

    Mark: I’m not changing my stance on lazy people, but I’m changing how I deal with my perceptions. I’ve had a frustrating week, and let things work out from my brain through my fingers into a post. I’m still going to be impatient and rash, but one of the reasons I keep this site is for all of you to help me.

  • Oh, I’m not the same ‘anonymous’ that allegedly unsubscribed above. That one is an imposter. I’m the *real* anonymous.

  • The anonymous thing cracked me up, thanks for the morning laugh…anonymous imposers….man I have to stop, by stomach hurts…

    CleverDude, I know who will teach you patience too, just remember some lessons like patience are hard learned, trust me on that one! You will learn it, but man is it painful!

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