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Who is submitting my articles to carnivals?

So I get an email from Mikael at The Financial Blogger this morning that my article has been featured in the 126th Festival of Frugality at his site. That’s funny, because I didn’t have any time last week to submit any articles to carnivals. Therefore, one of you is submitting my articles.

A guest poster submitted her article to the Carnival of Personal Finance a few weeks ago, but at least I knew who did it. The problem is if I wanted to submit a different article, then there would be more than one submission from my site. Double entries per site are not allowed on carnivals.

Because I didn’t submit an article this time, I’m happy that my article “Freecycle Rocks! Guess what I got for free” was featured in the top category, but I don’t want this to be a regular occurrence.

So please, if you want to see one of my articles in a carnival, please ask me first. And let me submit it instead. I appreciate your enthusiasm for my writing, but you need to understand the consequences of submitting without me knowing first.

By the way, I love the car-themed festival this week!

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