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Whew! Just beat Super Mario Galaxy

If you’re wondering where I’ve been the last few days, I decided to take a break. This week, I have 2 evening classes (Tues, Wed), 2 evening “holiday” parties (Thurs, Fri) and a “Christmas Tea” tomorrow afternoon. I’m also considering volunteering with Christmas tree sales at the parish Saturday morning.

In the middle of working from home today, considering doing classwork for finals next week, and helping Stacie with some Christmas shopping online, I decided to take a few hours to play some more Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii.

I was up to 70-something stars, and then got up to 82 today fairly quickly when I decided to move the space station to the castle (if you know the game, you’ll understand). I was holding out so that I could play more worlds, but I just decided to see what moving the station would do. Turns out that once you move the station, you’re locked in to beating the game.

Not that you care much, but I went through about 7-8 lives getting up to Bowser at the end, but once there, I beat Bowser in one try (just barely). I won’t give away how it’s done, but it was a fun, yet stressful, world to play.

At the very end, I learned that I’m still able to go back to the station and finish the worlds I missed, which includes 38 more stars (total of 120), until you “unlock a new galaxy”. A little bird told me that the other galaxy is basically replaying everything as Luigi.

This is a nice accomplishment for me as I tend to get bored or frustrated with games easily and just use cheat codes or look up help guides to get through. This game was one of the first that I played clean all the way through and beat it.

From a non-gamer’s perspective, I would give this game an “A”. It would be an A+ if it had some more storyboard to link the galaxies together, but otherwise, the play was just hard enough to be interesting, but not frustrating. Good job Nintendo!

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