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When you just have too much money to spend

I didn’t get to write anything this weekend because we went to our families’ homes in PA to visit my new nephew (Stacie’s sister’s son) and my 2 nieces, as well as our parents and other family. However, I wanted to highlight an article I ran across by My Wealth Builder titled “How do I know when I have too much money?“.

Unless you’re living in a shack and don’t have internet access (then how are you reading this?), you’ve heard about the Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari Enzo, and probably the $135 million home for sale Colorado. But have you heard about the high-priced golf country club membership? MWB outlines the costs of the pricey mortgage and how often you would need to golf to get your money’s worth. It was a fun little article to start my Monday.

I’ll be posting a Carnival recap later today or tomorrow as well.

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