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When all-you-can-eat buffets go bad

Back in my college days, I was worried that this would happen to me:

1) Get overcharged by the restaurant hosting the buffet (aka the Chinese buffet) and

2) Eventually get banned from eating at that establishment

Luckily, neither ever happened to me. Unfortunately, this man and his friend were overcharged and asked not to come back. Additionally, the waitress said “Y’all fat, and y’all eat too much” and told the one man it looked like he had a “baby in the belly”. Well now, isn’t that insulting. I mean c’mon, men don’t even GET pregnant! Right? Well, except Arnold Schwarzenegger I guess.

Well, for all of you who have listened to a certain person’s advice about getting the most bang for your buck at the buffet (link removed), you might want to think again, especially if you frequent the place 3 times per week.

Oh, and that goes for you people in China too. We know how you stack food at the Pizza Hut buffets!

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  • There are several of these in my area; I eat at one about twice a year. (This reminds me, it’s been almost a whole year now.)

    So if I alternate locations, I can go a couple years before entering the same place again.

    I’m not really into any of the expensive items – lettuce, carrots, and pizza are cheap – and I try to stick to the basics, so while I’ll probably eat more than average, the ingredient cost is probably lower than average.

    I’ll usually go around late-lunchtime, getting the lower lunch price (around $8) and the equivalent of lunch and dinner.

  • The guy got interviewed by Big John and Cisco (560AM WIND) this morning. These guys got charged for what they ate at this buffet. Normally those kinds of places have an all you can eat price because they will average a certain number of customers based on the amount of food available. The business end can’t afford to keep bringing out shrimp, crab legs, and frog legs because of their cost. The exception to the rule with buffets is if you ever go to one at a casino, head for the lobster right away since you’re being charged $20-25 anyway.

    It is best to just avoid the buffet period though. I don’t want to be food police here but most of the food there isn’t very good. My friends also worked for a buffet style restaurant and what goes on behind closed doors will make you never want to eat at one again. Pizza Hut buffet sounds very good right about now though, but I must resist the urge.

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  • Just note that the link you have to the other blog on Pizza Hut buffets was by a guy in Malaysia, and not China (if you had bothered to google “Malaysia”).

  • @other guy, if I google “Malaysia” I’ll get Pizza Hut buffets back? Honestly, my friend (from Hong Kong) pointed me to the page and said people in China do that, which is why I wrote that.

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