What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?

tie-690084_640You need to seek the assistance of a lawyer, but you are confused whether what type of lawyer would be suited for your needs. Like doctors and medical practitioners, lawyers do focus on a specific area of law as to effectively provide the proper legal services needed. In this article, one would be able to have a grasp of different kinds of lawyer and an explanation on what they do.

  1. Employment & Labor Lawyer

Employment and labor lawyers mainly focus on state labor laws. They ensure whether businesses, big or small, are complying with labor laws. They both do litigation and transactional services especially when employers violated contracts.

  1. Intellectual Property Lawyer

There are three major areas within intellectual property: copyright, trademark and patent. Some lawyers solely focus on patent law since it requires further licensing and usually needs to have an extensive technical background. Lawyers in this field usually have an undergraduate degree in the fields of either engineering, hard sciences or computer science. IP lawyers mainly help you with filing the necessary documents to protect your ideas/products and litigators protect a particular individual in an intellectual property dispute.

  1. Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Commercial litigation lawyer usually deals with litigations in real estate and business. They could handle almost all types of litigation or lawsuit, considering that it is not criminal. Their practice includes breach of contract, real estate contracts, exclusivity and non-competition agreements and partnership disputes. See a law firm that specializes in complex commercial litigation cases here.

  1. Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer will help with anything relating to bringing a family member, employee, or individual in another country. This area of law is quite tedious since immigration laws vary depending on the country and type of government. There are extensive forms to answer in order to be approved as an immigrant.

  1. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers help defend people accused of committing a crime against prosecution by the government. These lawyers’ end goal is to reduce the sentence of the accused, if not help them fully dismissed the case and be proven as innocent. They deal with both small and grave offenses ranging from shoplifting to drug trafficking, human trafficking, homicide and murder.

  1. Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers help individuals and corporations to comply with tax returns. Usually these lawyers have an undergraduate degree of accountancy of finance and with an extensive experience in taxation and corporate finance. They also defend individuals when governments accused you of filling lesser tax returns.

  1. Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer (M&A)

Mergers and acquisition (M&A) lawyers handle buying and selling of companies, especially those of major ones. The process can take a longer amount of time and usually involves a team of lawyers. M&A lawyers work closely with tax lawyers in order to coordinate the whole transaction. Most lawyers in this area have a strong business background and acumen.

  1. Digital Media and Internet Lawyer

Digital media and internet lawyers focus on all legal aspect of internet and information technology usage. They deal with issues such as cyber piracy, cyberbullying, phishing, identity theft and even cybersex of children and minors. These lawyers also formulate the website terms and conditions that govern our usage. Moreover, this area of law continues to rapidly change as new forms of technology arises. The digital evolution that is continual demands that the new realm of lawyers should be digital-savvy, socially aware and attentive to details.

Now that you now know the different types of lawyers, you would know who exactly to consult depending on your needs and concerns. It is important to find the right type of lawyer in order to address the problem effectively.

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