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What is FinTech and How It’s Changing the World

The Wave of the Future: How FinTech is Changing the World

Using the power of technology helps companies in a variety of different industries prosper. While most people are familiar with recent innovations in industries like auto manufacturing and business, many fail to realize just how much the world of finance is changing for the better with the help of technology.

FinTech is a term that is used to describe technological innovations in the world of finance. For the most part, professionals in this industry are talking about things like digital software and platforms when they refer to FinTech.

The FinTech sector has grown by 45 percent each year for the past five years. This means that professionals in the financial industry are utilizing the power of the innovations coming from the FinTech world. The following are just some of the ways FinTech is changing the world for both business owners and consumers.

Shaking Up the World of Lending

One of the most profitable sectors in the financial world is lending. According to a recent report by the team at Experian, personal loans are becoming one of the fastest growing type of consumer debt. Most people like these loans due to how convenient they are. Companies like pride themselves on providing consumers with access to conventional loans.

Over the years, innovations in FinTech have allowed consumers to get the loans they need to be funded in a variety of new ways. One of the biggest trends in modern lending is peer-to-peer platforms. This type of lending helps to remove the middleman and allows consumers to deal directly with the party that will fund their loan. Regardless of the type of personal loan you need, you should research all of your options before deciding what type of FinTech to use.

Simplifying the Payment Process

Did you realize that banks make nearly $4 billion each year from the fees they charge to transfer money from one account to another? If you are like most consumers, finding a way to eliminate the fees you pay for making or receiving payments is one of your main concerns.

Innovations in the FinTech world are allowing consumers and business owners to keep more of their money when trying to make or receive payments. Companies like Stripe and PayPal offer consumers and business owners the ability to make domestic and international payments with ease. Researching the various online banking institutions at your disposal will help you figure out which one is the best fit for the payments and transfers you need to be facilitated.

Making the Online Shopping Experience Easier

For the most part, brick and mortar retail establishments are going the way of the dinosaur. Modern business owners are able to launch a shop online without the overhead of a brick and mortar establishment. One of the main things you need to offer when trying to have success with an online store is a secure and easy way to pay for items.

Every time you turn on the news it seems like there is a new story about a major retail establishment having their data compromised. Instead of dealing with the fallout that comes following a data hack, you need to use modern FinTech to keep your customer’s information secure.

Choosing services like WePay or PayPal to process payments is a wise option. These companies take data security very seriously and use online the latest FinTech to power their payment portals.

By staying on the cutting edge of FinTech, businesses and consumers will be able to prosper. Consulting with professionals who are familiar with this technology can help a business owner implement the right solutions with ease.








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