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Our post on Frugal Lunches has brought in a HUGE amount of interest AND controversy. It’s been featured on Lifehacker, the Consumerist, and, as well as Digg, Delicous and other newsworthy sites.

As of 2pm Eastern, we’ve racked up over 5,000 unique visits to Clever Dude!

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  • Hey clever guy! Your server is farting! oh no! I was wondering what happened lol. I was curious to know if you had any inspiration from a very similar article I posted prior to yours? Very cool.

    Take Care

  • Actually, my wife submitted the article to me unsolicited. She has her own nutrition blog, but she’s finding it difficult to maintain ANY regularity in posting.

    I too have motivation to lose weight. After trying on some clothes at some stores last week, I vowed I wouldn’t buy any new clothes until I lost 25 lbs. This could be a while, since we’re also going to be training for another marathon soon.

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