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Weekly Roundup: Third Baby and Last Retaining Wall Edition

I think, but I can’t be certain, that we’ve met the last of our friends’ new babies this year. First it was Clever Dude co-author Shawn’s new baby girl. They came to D.C. to visit and stayed overnight. She was about 3 months old when she stayed over and adapted to our home (and passing trains) perfectly fine.

The next weekend our other friends came to visit with their 6-month old daughter, but wouldn’t stay overnight because “their daughter doesn’t adapt well”. I ragged on them in a previous roundup because I said the parents were the ones who couldn’t handle the overnight stay. While you all blasted me for that statement, I’m standing by it. But then again, you all (nor I) have the complete story.

And now we just visited our third baby of the year. This one is only about 3-4 weeks old and we went to visit them for the day on Saturday in Pennsylvania. Now these parents are model parents (as are Shawn and his wife). They don’t let the baby hold them back from traveling, and the mom didn’t run to another room to pump milk or breast feed. They figure if you’re in your thirties and still can’t handle things like breast feeding or changing diapers, then YOU should be the one to leave the room (when you’re in their house, that is).

And finally, I put the last 31 bricks on my fourth retaining wall of the year. That adds up to about 115 feet of retaining walls, and about 470 bricks. These are the 22 pound bricks from Home Depot that cost $1.99 each.  So with tax, we’ve spent about $1000 on bricks alone. And I hauled every single one of them in my own truck. Tack on another $100 for gravel and another $100 for tarps and tools and we’ve spent a pretty penny on our exterior this year. Oh, and don’t forget our $2,500 in new flooring! Luckily, we did all the work ourselves (Stacie’s dad did most of the flooring for free). I’ll have the retaining wall pics in a follow-up post.

And now here are the articles I liked from this week:

Blunt Money tells us why we’re not rich yet

Canadian Capitalist advises on investing in an inflationary world

MoneyNing has an excellent picture post reminding us why we should stop complaining

Four Pillars tackles misinformation

– Find yourself bogged down with tomatoes this summer? We did, and we don’t even have a garden (thanks to our friends)! Squawkfox has 3 good tomato dishs for you. And of course I couldn’t pass up her 50 ways to save $1000 a year article.

Ok, so the list just has Personal Finance Network member articles, and it’s been 2 weeks since the last roundup, but I promise to star more non-network articles in my reader this week!

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  • Hey Dude! Thank you so much for the mention. I keep thinking you’re having a dozen kids in the span of weeks. LOL I know what you mean though, it seems everyone is having babies. 🙂

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