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Weekly Roundup: Pool Party Edition

Why is it that when you have a pool, you’re expected to host pool parties for all your neighbors, coworkers and friends? They automatically think that since you have a pool, you want to have people over to enjoy that pool with you. And even better, they expect you to provide food for a party too! Oh and to cook it for them also!

So one of Stacie’s coworkers told her “So when do I get to come over and swim?”. And she said it in front of Stacie’s fellow coworkers and so Stacie felt obligated to invite them over to swim this weekend…the one weekend we’re actually in town (for one day) and I can work on my class and home projects. Sigh. Just another reason to tear out that stupid pool.

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  • I think my answer would have been ‘Next party we’re having, we’ll be sure to invite you’ and left it at that. I suppose pools are quite so rare up here that there’s very little in the way of expectation. (I’m in Canada. Our 4 days of summer really don’t really make pools all that practical. There’s plenty of people who have them anyhow.)

    Good luck!

  • I think Jazmin’s suggestion is an excellent one. Also, I wouldn’t talk about my pool (if people don’t know about it, they won’t invite themselves over).

  • That’s the kind of comment you can safely laugh off with an “oh we’ll have to see”. What’s worse for me (a pool-less person) are people who’re randomly talking about their pool, and then they say “oh come over and swim anytime!”. Really? You want me to just show up for a swim?

  • Thanks for the mention! Speaking of my Megadeth loving neighbors, they had a pool party yesterday (seriously) so your post title is so very appropriate!

  • Oh my (on your pool story)! Yeah, pools can be a big pain… I wrote about how big a pain it was last year sometime. I am so glad we don’t have one. The one we have is small and inflatable and goes away whenever we want….

    But to cover it up is just so expensive! Hmmm… maybe next time someone asks about having a swim, you can say that it’s out of commission — got drained of water? Or have something wrong with it? Good luck with the pool management!

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