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Weekly Roundup: PFN Edition

Something you may see many other personal finance bloggers do is a weekly article roundup. These roundups highlight the blogger’s favorite articles from across the PF blog world for the past week. Well I haven’t done one in a very long time, if ever, because I’m just too lazy.

But now that I’m in the Personal Finance Network, I sort of have to do a roundup, which is a good thing because I’ve wanted to give out more links to my fellow money authors. So this first roundup will just include the PFN, while future roundups will include all other writers.

The Roundup

  • Squawkfox shows us a new tool she created to calculate gas costs, and if you want to know what the Fox sounds like, she made a little video tutorial. Just yesterday, I was thinking that we needed an easier way to show drivers, while in-car, how much they’re spending on each mile. Well, this gets us one step closer.
  • Mr. Cheap from Quest for Four Pillars writes about Real Estate Arbitrage. If I was younger (or single), I’d consider this method, but now I’m responsible for another’s welfare (Stacie’s) and have to consider her in each decision. Oh, and I can’t make decisions by myself anymore.
  • MoneyNing thinks we complicate money matters too much. Click through to see what his answer to simplifying your finances.
  • Blunt Money has realized the error of her ways in giving her child everything he wants at the grocery store, and is just allowing ONE item.

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