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Weekly Roundup: NASCAR Edition

Turns out we’re going on a trip next year. Stacie and I will be going to our first NASCAR race! We’ll be attending both the Nationwide and Sprint cup races at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC.

While I never grew up as a racing fan, and even wondered why people would watch cars wasting gas and driving in circles, I’ve picked up on why NASCAR is so popular since my father-in-law is a fan and has helped educate me on the fineries of stock car racing. And when the opportunity to attend an actual race came up, we jumped on it like a squirrel on a mullet.

So without further ado, here are the articles I liked this week:

From the Personal Finance Network

Blunt Money compares debt to a yard full of weeds. I thought this was a very apt comparison.

MoneyNing got introspective this week and started off with asking “What’s more important than money?

Four Pillars offers his opinion on online opinions.

Squawkfox was very crafty with a big hole in her wall. Also, she is now recovering from knee surgery, so let’s all give her our best wishes. Get well Fox!

From my Finance Reader List

Consumerism Commentary explains a bit where the federal reserve got $85 billion for AIG.

Get Rich Slowly has a great personal article on the never-ending war against advertising.

Wisebread looks at the upsides of the down economy.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity finally figured out that home grown veggies taste better than store bought ones. I learned this when I tasted my father-in-law’s tomatoes. Mmm!

Gather Little by Little talks about what you should get used in “Brand Spankin’ Used“.

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  • I must say I’m very excited for you and your trip next year. I can remember my first NASCAR race and I’ve been to hundreds since. Be sure to take a ton of photos and be sure to give an update.

    Let’s Go Racin!

    Ron Ripple
    NASCAR’s Biggest Fan

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