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Weekly Roundup: Midterm Edition

Well, it’s that time of year again, when I have to cram to finish my midterm because I slacked off for days. We got our midterm on Monday, and it’s due this coming Monday, but it’s now Friday and I haven’t done any work on it yet. Looks like my weekend is already planned out for me. Luckily, I only have one class this semester so the workload is much lighter. Next semester, I’ll be taking two classes again and they look to be killers. But after that, only two more classes to finish up my masters degree! The end is in sight! (although it’s a full year away).

This roundup will be a bit different as I’ll also be including some articles I found through the new community called “Tip’d. You can read my review of Tip’d here. While I’m not keen on adding more reading to my already huge reader list, I’ve actually found the Tip’d RSS Feed to be useful. I’m seeing articles I never would have seen and getting more insight into finance, economics and even some money humor.  And no, I don’t get any kickbacks whatsoever from promoting Tip’d.

Oh yeah, a special announcement: I hit 2,000 subscribers this week. Although today is at 1,998 and I’m sure the weekend will be lower, I hit it twice (actually over 2,100 one day). Finally!

From the Tip’d Community

You’ll notice that these links point to the Tip’d page rather than the destination blog article. I’m doing this so you can see other comments on that article, and so you can see a bit more how Tip’d works:

  • Master Your Card writes about why she rents instead of owns a home. I’ve wished many times that I didn’t have the responsibility of home ownership, but other times I’m glad I don’t need to worry about renewing a lease every year.
  • gives us 100 Ivy League business courses you can take for free. I’m DEFINITELY going to check these out…right after I finish my own degree!
  • MBA Case Study Solutions tells us what we should have learned from our MBA studies [Humor]
  • My Journey to Millions tells us why to stay away from seller financing. It may sound easy when you’re selling your house to just accept the buyer’s payments and earn all that interest, but there are many risks along with the returns.
  • USA Today has a good analysis based on Wal-Mart’s data that shopper’s habits are changing in a disturbing trend.
  • The Wall Street Journal warns about a “liberal super-majority” if the Dems win. Even if you’re a democrat, you should be warned about the consequences when there is a lack of checks and balances in place.

If you want to check out more articles like these, consider registering an account with Tip’d.

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  • Beatrice is an awesome name! 🙂 That’s actually what my niece is going to be called if she’s a niece.

    And I’m not being paranoid. I saw you stick that “Steal from me” sign on my back!!

  • Thanks for the shout out…

    @ Chris,
    Supermajority is USUALLY defined as control over 2/3 of congress:
    In the 110th congress – Senate is 49 Dems 49 Republicans (2 indys); House is controlled by Dems (i.e. that wench Pelosi is speaker).

    109th Congress – Republicans held 55% of the Senate (far cry from 66%) and Republicans held approximately 53% of the house (depending on the year you look at.

    108th Congress – Republicans held 51% of the senate and 52%ish for the house.

    107th Congress – Republicans held 51% of the Senate and 53%ish for the house…

    Now I am bored looking stuff up. You have so much hate in you it is entertaining. Regardless, it is beyond irresponsibile to just shout out “stats” without looking stuff up (it took me a total of 3 mins to look that stuff up)

  • Ah, my midterms are coming up as well. Thanks for the BSchool link, and like you said, once I’m done with all my classes I’ll be checking those out!

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