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Weekly Roundup: Expensive Chocolate and Ethiopian Food Edition

Stacie and I decided to head down to Georgetown to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant Sunday, Zed’s. It was the first place we had Ethiopian food, and we’ve always liked going there because it’s in a vibrant area (M Street), it’s clean, and the food is just spicy and sweet enough to please our tastebuds. But in the last few years, we’ve found other places with similar (and cheaper) food, and with equally pleasant (or nicer) ambience. One of these places is Langano in Silver Spring, MD.

After getting the bill at Zed’s, we decided it’s now out of our price range. Over the last few years, they’ve bumped up their prices to $15-20 per entree level, while other places cost more like $12-15. As we were leaving, we saw the owner (Zed) pass us on the sidewalk. I was going to tell her they’ve gotten too pricey, but since we have other options now, I decided to leave her alone.

While strolling down M Street near Georgetown University, we stopped at a little chocolate store because there was a sign for free chocolate-dipped blueberry samples at the door. While inside, I tried a sample of a chocolate truffle. Rather than ask how much it cost, I figured I would just order a quarter-pound. I thought it was odd that he didn’t weigh the container; instead he counted out pieces. He boxed it all up and passed it to the cashier. The price: $8.00. Oops. Stacie informed me later that the price sign (which I didn’t see) said they were over $1 EACH! He did give me about 10 pieces, so I think he felt sorry for me, knowing I was stupid, but I feel so dumb for spending so much on chocolate that I don’t think was worth it.

Lessons learned: 1) Ask for the price. 2) Don’t have so much guilt, shame or pride that you don’t ask to put the merchandise back and forego the purchase. I had the “rich boy” mentality because I was with all the other big spenders in Georgetown, so I didn’t want to look cheap. I don’t know why because I’m not ever going back to this shop and there were no other shoppers in there (and I wouldn’t know them anyway). Stupid me.

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Whew! I think that was one of the longest weekly roundups ever! There were even more excellent articles, but I had to pick and choose or else I would have to start my own blog carnival!

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