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You’ve probably noticed fewer original posts out of Clever Dude this past week, and I can explain myself 🙂

This coming Monday, I’ll be hosting the 103rd Carnival of Personal Finance. A “Carnival” is a compilation of articles submitted by various bloggers on a certain topic. This Carnival is about all things finance- and money-related. This includes, among other topics, investing, money management, credit, debt management, retirement, and frugality (my favorite topic).

To-date, I have over 30 submissions for this edition of the Carnival, and if history is any indicator, I should get 30-50 additional submissions before Sunday at 5pm (Eastern), which is the cuttoff for submissions.

You may ask “But why does it take so much time to produce the Carnival?”. Well, if you’re just putting a bunch of links in a list, it doesn’t take much time at all. However, I want to write something that will get you to read through the entire Carnival. I’ve already begun to frame out this Carnival, and I think you’re all going to like it!

What else do I have to do this weekend?

Not only am I producing the Carnival, which will take literally ALL weekend, I also have the following things to do:

1) Run 7-8 miles for our Marine Corp Marathon training

2) Replace the gaskets and seals on our pool pump (need to buy them first) and replace the PVC plumbing from the pump to the filter. There’s air leaking in and I really need to fix it.

3) Help my fellow Knights of Columbus help set up for our parish picnic Sunday. I don’t think I’ll be able to help serve food and beverages, but I will stick around for an hour or so Sunday to mingle with my fellow church-goers.

How am I going to get this all done?

I won’t be sleeping much! Running will take about 1.5 hours counting warm-up and cool-down, but just thinking about it makes me ill! I need to work on the pool in the morning so the heat and bugs don’t kill me, but that’s also when we need to run. And the parish picnic will be a nice respite from all the manual labor, but only for a short time.

I really can’t wait to post the Carnival on Monday, not only because I know you’ll like it, but also because it’s a lot of work! However, my boss is in Hungary next week on vacation, so I’ll hopefully be working from home Monday so I can sleep in some more.

Thanks in advance for any wishes of good luck for all the things I’m doing this weekend. It’ll be fun, but stressful!

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