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Weekend in NY

Well, we just picked up the rental car for our trip to NY for a wedding this weekend. Technically, we’re going to Long Island, but it’s close enough. They still talk funny up there 😉  Actually, now that I think of it, it might just be my old roommate (the groom) who talks funny. After being away from him for about 7 years now, I can barely understand a word he says!

I’ve never been IN New York City before. I know, I know, you’re all saying “WHAT!”. I’ve been AROUND the city, and THROUGH the city, but I’ve never actually VISITED the city before. And yet again, I won’t be visiting it this weekend. We were planning to check out Manhattan on Sunday, but I’d really rather spend a 3 day weekend up there and plan a whole event. We may go up there with our church for Christmas though.

So you may be asking why we rented a car since we have 3 of our own. Well DUH!, it’s because we like to drive other vehicles. It’s our way of having fun and experiencing something different. I get to fiddle with all the gadgets and Stacie gets to, well, sit and look pretty in a different car.

What did we get this time? You’ll have to wait until next week for the review! 

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  • Waste of money renting a car! You don’t need to tempt yourself anymore since we all can clearly see that you have a problem with buying new cars and incurring new debt.

  • Tyler, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a rental car that I wanted to buy, except for the Dodge Magnum. But when I was looking for a replacement for my Acura, I test drove the Magnum again and decided it had horrible visibility and passed on it.

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