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Ways to Save Money #16: Bundle Up…at Home

Rounding out the “Keep Warm” topics of the Ways to Save Money Series (see Wear Socks or Slippers at Home), I’d like to inform you that there’s a way to keep warmer and save money on heating costs with little or no additional monetary investment on your part.

Clothing. You can think of it in two ways:

  1. Keeps your winky and woowoo hidden
  2. Acts as insulation for your body

While I can espouse on saving money by being a nudist, I should probably talk about #2: insulation.

Why do we wear more clothing in the winter than in the summer? Just for kicks? No, it’s because we want to stay warm. So if you know that clothing keeps you warm, then why would you change into summer clothes when you’re at home and then crank your heat? You’re using your furnace to compensate for what your clothes are meant to do…Keep you warm!

Most of us have a sweatshirt, fleece, sweater, sweatpants or something thicker than a t-shirt lying around the house. It’s not hard to just throw one on while you’re watching TV, working around the house, doing work or playing games. Basically, put on some more clothes so you can lower the thermostat.

Oh, and in the summer, feel free to become a nudist to keep your air-conditioning costs down. Just close your blinds please.

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