Ways My Wife Saves Us Money

Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Party City Edition

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Happy New Year, Clever Friends! It’s day one of a new year, and I’ve got a brand new story of how my wife saves us money! 

My wife and I were at Party City picking up decorations and party supplies for the new year’s celebration we were hosting at our home. After the cashier scanned in every item, the little screen told us the total owed was just over $125. As I pulled out my wallet, the cashier asked if I wanted to give her my email address so I could have coupons mailed to me.

I stated that I was already registered in their system, as I had received 10% off coupons via email from them in the past. My wife chimed in, stating that they never seemed to send us one when we were going to be shopping there, however, so we’ve never used one.

“If you search using Google, you can usually find a valid coupon,” said the cashier.

That’s exactly what we did. Standing right in front of the cash register, my wife whipped out her phone, opened a browser, and did a search for, “Party City Coupons.”

The first coupon was for 40% off balloon purchases. We weren’t buying any balloons, so no help there.

The second coupon was for a free pinata with a $100 purchase. As tempting as that sounded, I didn’t need people swinging a bat around in my living room at midnight.

Just as they say, the third time is a charm. The third coupon code she found was for $25 off a $100 purchase. My wife turned the phone around and showed the cashier, who pointed her scanner at the screen of the phone.

And with a high pitched, “beep,” our bill was reduced by $25.

As we walked out of the store and through the parking lot towards our van, my wife wondered aloud how many other stores we could save money simply by searching for a coupon code before heading to the checkout lane.

I couldn’t answer the question, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to find out.

Have you ever found a coupon code for a purchase while standing in line to check out? How much did it save you?

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