Ways My Wife Saves Us Money

Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Following Businesses On Facebook


This weekend I’m headed to our favorite nearby water park location with my wife, my son and several of his friends. It’s the end of the first quarter of the school year and my son is doing exceptionally well, so we wanted to do something to recognize his hard work. Going to this particular hotel with a massive indoor water park along with the two room suite complete with a full kitchen and living area we reserved would normally be over four hundred dollars plus taxes and fees. We wouldn’t be going if it was going to cost us that much. We’re going because my wife snagged a deal from the hotel’s Facebook page giving us the same accommodations for $150.

A Facebook ad is getting us an expensive hotel room for 1/3rd the normal price.

We’re only staying one night, but planning to get as much use out of our stay as possible. The water park is only open until 9:00pm, but our passes are good for the entire next day even though we have to checkout by 11:00am. We plan to make breakfast in the room, checkout, and use the water park that day until the boys have had their fill before heading home.

There have been other instances where my wife has noticed some great sales on Facebook. Friday, November 4th, was national candy day. A local grocery store posted an add and a discount number good for a 10 for $4 candy bar sale. You had to bring the code from the Facebook ad to the store and give it to the cashier to get the sale. A few weeks ago, that same grocery store posted a flash sale on soda that was only good for a few hours.

The internet is a vast resource for finding ways to save money. Shoppers can find coupon codes to apply to online purchases or coupons to print out and bring to a traditional brick and mortar shop. It should come as no surprise that a business’s social media account could tip consumers off to special sales and deals.

Do you follow your favorite businesses on social media? Have you ever been alerted to a great deal through a social media account?

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