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Unexpected Verizon Wireless 20% discount

I got my monthly email from Bank of America to notify me of a new eBill from Verizon Wireless. Since the only thing that fluctuates is our text/pix costs, I opened up the email and was surprised with the wireless bill. We have 1000 shared family minutes for our 2 phones, and our bill normally runs about $95 after taxes, fees and text/pix/flix charges.

This months bill? $82.

I couldn’t understand why. I thought that maybe they billed me for a partial month. I went to the website to see my statement and noticed they tacked on a 20% discount on my line. I didn’t apply for it though. I did have a 19% discount at my old company, but that was 2 years ago, and they removed the discount a few months after I left. Also, that discount code was C19, so it’s built into the code.

Where did this discount come from? I don’t know, and I’m not going to ask. Let sleeping dogs lie.

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