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An Unbiased Review for Beginner Forex Traders

Have you been trading forex for some years now and are almost giving up because of the start-stop nature that the profits come in at first? Many people who open live forex accounts give up on their first investment. There are however many technological improvements and new methods of investing that allow even the most clueless of new traders to still make money out of the financial markets with little knowledge of what drives the prices. offers newbies an opportunity to invest their money, have decent profits and not have to commit a lot of time to chart reading and trade selection.

A big benefit of this service is that investors no longer need to place many trades or place any trade at all. Selection of what to trade and when to trade it was often a reason why many people found forex trading too difficult and gave up. This solution ensures that once an investor purchases an account package, the trades are done by the service itself. No more investor input and research is needed. It leaves all the decision making problems and money management complexities to a team of specialists running highly intelligent machines to give your investment only the highly profitable trade executions. Keep reading this review if you still don’t believe how this is possible and learn more about Forex at IQ Option.

The service uses highly profitable AI with impressive money management

Even when people do manual trading and make profit, a little look at the trade terminal makes them realize that there are some profit trades they made but would have made more money if they stayed in longer or entered the trade earlier. Artificial Intelligence helps traders make timely decisions on such trades. The opposite is also true as some heavy losses would have been avoided if people cut their losses sooner than they did. The AI that this service uses is highly adaptive and has been built out of the lessons learnt throughout the company’s existence. Text book errors can no longer draw the line between the success and failure of your investment.

The robot is able to ease out the emotional aspect of trading making the team of experts able to position their trades and have timely information. Under the special supervision, trades that affect your account are done promptly and with the very best money management technics to secure the trades.

Security of your investment through loss coverage

Other than for forex trading there are very few services that guarantee the safety of your investments. Your investment will not reverse to the negative at any point and as an extra layer of cover, this unique service has a loss coverage benefit. It is unique because the company has a reserve fund of its own money that can be used to cover for any rare eventualities that a trading day results in a negative. What does this mean for traders? Manual traders have always had a ghost lingering over the future of their trading in case they ever lose their investment. With loss coverage, someone can treat their investment as guaranteed to not shrink.

A simple-clicks user interface with easy transaction making

Depositing and monitoring your investment has never been easier than this. People can fund their accounts and begin their investment journey within moments as there are no tedious selections such as account type selections, hedge ratios or need to have referrals. Your deposit will reach intact as the service does not charge deposit fees and other commissions for handling your money deposit. It is also free to withdraw your money and profit at no cost if you keep your deposit through the full duration of the package you selected.

Monitoring charts is finally just an option. The platform is very user friendly and takes out all that intimidation that charting and market watching software brings such as understanding moving averages and various indicators. You finally have the freedom to just look at what level your balance has reached and have the freedom to contact customer support or the technical team if you need to make any enquiry.

You can enjoy highly flexible deposit options such as bank transfers, MasterCard and Visa. Bitcoin payments are available at very competitive market prices. is a must-try service for traders looking for minimal time investment but optimal profits.


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