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U.S. Secretary of Labor R. Alexander Acosta Addresses Hispanic Business Community

The U.S. Labour Secretary R. Alexander Acosta was scheduled to speak at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) legislative summit on April 26. He was to talk to the representatives of their business community. The summit is about policy talks with top U.S. leaders, and speakers are from the U.S., and Hispanic leaders, all talking to business owners and entrepreneurs. One person who is excited about the talks is Fernand Fernandez, the USHCC Interim President and CEO, because it is a step towards creating regulations that help those who are in the business community, at the same time advancing both economic and people growth. The talk by Mr. Acosta was to be in Washington D.C., at 7.30 PM.

What is the USHCC?

It is the largest Hispanic business organization in the U.S. that represents over 4 million Hispanic-owned businesses, promoting their growth, as these businesses contribute billions of dollars to the American economy annually. This organization also represents a number of American corporations, local chambers, and business associations all over the U.S. Thankfully, the legislative summit happened, and it was attended by hundreds of top Hispanic business leaders, who got to mingle with the U.S. government. With this forum, the leaders got to bring out the challenges that are faced in regards to their businesses on a daily basis, ranging from matters like tax to immigration. One of the speakers, Beto O’Rourke, addressed how important the Hispanic business community is, and what he envisioned for the U.S.-Mexico relationship. Other speakers talked on ensuring there is sufficient access to capital for those in business, and even how Puerto Ricans are after Hurricane Maria so that those in Congress could help in the relief efforts.

During the summit’s closing, the first Latina member of Congress and first U.S. Senator came together on stage as Senator Cortez Masto gave Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen the 2018 USHCC Lifetime Achievement Award. In the summit, the importance of women in the daily running of the U.S government was emphasized, so women Chiefs of Staff from both Democrat and Republican parties were encouraged to talk about their part in the legislative functions. USHCC also had a meeting with Chamber Presidents to discuss their vision and governance, which encouraged greater engagement, and there was a new Co-Chair added to the Board of Directors, Carmen Castillo. The U.S. Labour Secretary R.

Alexander Acosta gave both a keynote address, and the closing remarks.

This summit was crucial for a number of reasons:

  • It gave a chance for different U.S. and Hispanic leaders to meet and discuss business and policies.
  • It introduced new leadership, and showed expansion by including six more members on the Board.
  • It allowed people from opposite sides of the table to come together and unite for the greater good.
  • It gave an opportunity for many business owners and entrepreneurs to be able to share what they go through, and receive support from the leaders.

The togetherness portrayed was impeccable, and even how Javier Palomarez, former CEO of USHCC was able to step down earlier and let leadership continue was commendable. If this is the leadership of businesses in America, then the business people are sure to thrive, grow and succeed fully.


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