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  • Indeed, being on top of your personal financial status is very important.

    In this case if you’re a good paymaster, you can always ask for a waiver of your late fees if you genuinely forgotten about it.

    Will be checking this place as much as I can. Cheers 🙂

  • I’m glad it worked out so easy. I had a similar problem with Bank of America and my rent and they refused to help. I got charged a fee and my account was overdrawn so I got charged again. Even though my screen showed it was to be taken from the joint account, they said I was wrong because their screen said otherwise.

    We left them some months ago and hadn’t had a problem since with ING Direct.

  • Nickel: I didn’t ask, but I think that I just didn’t have a clear memo on the check from online billpay to indicate it should be applied to the truck loan. The last check I sent them went to the MINI, and was marked appropriately. Honestly, I don’t see how they could have thought the $450 was for anything other than the $450 (actually, $445) truck payment that was due just days later.

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