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Travel Planning and Budgeting tips for Anguilla

Anguilla, a relatively small strip on the peripheries of the Leewards Islands offers the worldwide vacationers to plan and enjoy a holiday in some of the most beautiful and peaceful islands. The more you learn about Anguilla, the more excited you will be to visit. However, Anguilla can be one of the most luxurious destinations in the Caribbean. It can be expansive to holiday at a destination that is frequented by celebrities and wealthy travelers. Still, a luxury vacation in Anguilla need not be expensive or well beyond your budget. Travelers on more modest funds can still enjoy a trip to Anguilla, provided they follow some tips to plan their budget. Luckily, although vacationing in Anguilla doesn’t come cheap, but enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the island comes free of any costs!

The major costs
Once you make your travel arrangements, you should keep in mind two significant costs that will take a chunk of your holiday budget. The first is the accommodation cost, and the next is the dining. Other costs to consider are transportation, eco-tourism activities, and torus. Additional expenses can occur because of shopping, taxes, and tips. Thus one should plan a trip and the budget carefully before the start. The idea is to let the trip meet your expectations and avoid getting any unwelcome surprises or worries concerning your funds.

Get all the information
Those who have visited Anguilla before, feel a personal attachment to the island. You can always take some handy tips from your family and friends who have visited those islands before. Learn a bit about Anguilla and learn from the experiences of others. This is a valuable resource of information and getting insight and advice on traveling to the island. Apart from knowing what they enjoyed or disliked, you can also make out which are the most expensive areas or spots of Anguilla. You can always browse the web to get more information before booking a vacation.

Keep those lodging expenses under control
Anguilla boasts of resort complexes, most beautiful resorts, and hotels that are located along the island’s sparkling beaches. These lodging options offer the amenities the travelers are looking forward to enjoying. These resorts often provide vacation packages and special deal such as honeymoon activities or the spa treatments. One should avoid villas, condos, or apartments in Anguilla as they tend to be pricey. During the Caribbean off-season, one can afford the nicer resorts when the price of accommodations go a bit down. The rates go higher with the number of amenities and services provided.

Spending less on food
Food is the next significant expense of a holiday. Most vacationers travel here to enjoy the most exquisite cuisine at the upscale Caribbean restaurants. However, one can dine at the moderately priced restaurants here where a meal can be had for a modest $15. Three-course meals at fancy restaurants can be inexpensive and can quickly add up the expenses. If you aren’t a foodie and want to cut costs, just keep some instant Ramen in your backpacks, however its recommended to try the local cuisine.

Keeping transportation costs low
Although Anguilla is just 16 miles long, you still need to keep the transportation costs into your budget. One needs to pick from rental cars, mopeds, taxis, and bikes as there are no buses. Rental cars allow one more freedom and mobility to travel anywhere on the island. However, the rentals can go as high as $70 a day. Active vacationers can rent bikes to explore the island, and the costs are $10 for a bike. Taxi rates are fixed and regulated, and it can be expensive to tour the island by taxi.

The daily expenses
Shopping and adventure activities too add to the daily expenditures. Caribbean islands are dotted with open-air markets as well as boutiques, and souvenir shops. One should avoid the designer stores and resort boutiques which are overpriced. One can enjoy duty-free shopping at St. Maarten and St. Martin, which is an accessible shopping location among tourists. Sports and adventure activities can be expensive as Single scuba dives can start as low as $45. Thus, keep in mind those expenses when traveling to Anguilla and t if you are with a family.

Anguilla is a spot where you may come across Beyoncé, Denzel Washington, Paul McCartney and the likes. After all, it has become a favorite hangout for the rich and famous. Anguilla’s charm lies in some of the finest beaches in the region as well as the luxurious hotels. Thus, it is no surprise to see Anguilla earned a reputation of apple where one can squirrel away the dollars, and there is the way you can penny pinch. Even if it sounds like a playground for the rich that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a budget vacation here. There is a range of holiday packages and deals that one can certainly enjoy.

You can head for Anguilla any time of the ear as the temperatures remain comfortable nearly year-round. Keep in mind the peak season from December to mid-April, when everything is even more expensive.  Visit between May and August, when prices are reasonable, and one can enjoy some great deals. Whatever tips you follow to keep the holiday well within budget, certain things are not to be missed.  Lounging at any one of those pristine white beaches is a must. Enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling to explore the surrounding coral reefs teeming with sea life. Visit the Heritage Collection museum to know about the history of the island. Horseback riding on the beach is another must do.


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