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Toronto’s Smallest House

Just wanted to share some images of Toronto’s smallest house. Built in 1912 in Toronto, the “Little House” features one bedroom, a kitchen with folding table and chairs, a living room, and a full bathroom. With a living area of just 300 square feet, it was bought and renovated in 2007, and was put back on the market for $173,000 Canadian.

I have 9 photos for you, but since I don’t want my homepage to take forever to load, you’ll have to click through to see the rest:

How’s that for efficiency?

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  • I still don’t understand why anyone would buy that instead of just moving to somewhere else that has reasonable houses for 175K. For instance in my town if you had a budget of around 175K you could get something like this:

    That may be a bit much for a single person, but you could even rent out rooms in your nice new place here that’s walking distance to a mall, elementary and middle school, walking trail system, movie theater, library, just up the street from a corner store, on a bus route . . . hmmm.

    Even if you wanted a little smaller and more efficient plus a good deal of land for a garden you could switch up to this cheaper place:

    Yes, that’s a shade over an acre with a nice house for 165K.

    Now I understand the million dollar prize and catch phrase of the ‘Atlantic 6/49’ of “Where a million does what a million should”.

  • Hey, that’s my house! 🙂

    I think someone bought it a year ago (or longer), fixed it up and tried to sell it – not sure if they ever did. Buying this place as a flip property was pretty dumb – it’s just not big enough to be a house!

  • I think it’s adorable! I’m lucky enough to live somewhere I get a full-sized house for well under that budget, but not everyone wants to live out in the sticks like me.

    That’s a pretty good price for Toronto. Someone might like the novelty of it.

  • I doubt the people who buy this kind of house are doing it only because it’s all they can afford. They can probably rent something larger. But it’s quite environmentally friendly, having such a small footprint. So kudos to whoever can live there happily!

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