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Top Ten LEAST Stolen Cars of 2008 [Boring]

Yesterday I told you about the top ten MOST stolen cars of 2008. Well today I’d like to follow up with the 10 cars the car thieves want nothing to do with. Whether because the car has a top notch security system (Mercedes E-Class), or it’s just too complicated to strip for parts (Toyota Prius), or just too girly to be seen in (Beetle), thieves decided these cars just weren’t worth the hassle:

10. Ford Freestyle
9. Saturn Relay
8. Toyota Prius
7. Volvo V70
6. Ford Focus
5. Volkswagen New Beetle
4. Buick Terraza
3. Subaru Forester
2. Buick Rainier
1. Mercedes E-Class

Do any of you own one of these vehicles? If you’re wondering what the Buick Terraza is, it’s the ugly minivan they sold off the same platform as the Saturn Relay, Chevy Uplander and Pontiac Montana (sorry if you own one and happen to like it).

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  • You’re ignoring one very important possibility-

    People steal cars that they want to steal. There are chop shops that deal in complicated cars with expensive parts. The greater the return on the risk, the MORE LIKELY someone would be to steal it. So, what about these cars not being stolen because there’s no market for them?

    Like you said, some of those are cars I’ve either A. never heard of or B. never seen on the road. If that’s the case, there are not many of them to steal, because of demand, not necessarily because as you maintain it might be hard to dispose of the vehicle.

    People break into homes despite security systems. Shoot, they hack the pentagon regularly. People steal diamonds, and they’re arguably difficult to get rid of. As for girly cars, I don’t really think thieves care about how they look to us. I know I’d never drive a Beetle (new ones) but not because I think they’re girly. I think they’re overpriced and that they underdeliver.

    Your reasons are plausible, but they’re not likely the whole story. Look at the other list- Americans really like gas-guzzling SUVs and trucks. That’s why they built them. They know they can sell them, drive safely in them, part them out easily, etc. There are also loads of them on the road. At least where I live, 2/3 of the cars on the freeway are SUV/trucks, and there’s hardly any reason for that here (no snow). People drive those cars, therefore there are more of them available to steal.

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