Top Five University Success Tips

books-1012088_640Life as a student can be overwhelming for some. It’s a welter of new experiences, challenges and responsibilities, which may define years of your life to come. Here are a few short tips to ensure you get the best out of your university experience.

  1. Student Discounts

Even living in student accommodation London and other UK cities are expensive. Fortunately many businesses offer big discounts to students, so make sure you flash your NUS card!

Take advantage of Fresher’s Fayres, where local businesses court new students with free giveaways, discounts and competitions to win them over for the rest of the academic year.

  1. Food

A takeaway, be it Chinese or Pizza is tempting, especially if you only have ten minutes between finishing an essay and going out for the night. It’s also very pricey. Learning a few quick, tasty recipes could stop you going broke in your first term, and also help you impress friends, flatmates and maybe that special person you sit with in lectures.

  1. Study

You’ll need to learn to manage your own workload and timetable to make sure you read everything you need to, and get essays in on time. Sometimes your halls of residence won’t be the best environment for that: if it’s Friday night, your flatmates won’t be that sympathetic if you’re asking them to keep the noise down.

Make sure you know the opening hours of the library, department buildings and other places you can go to find a safe haven to get your work done.

  1. Health 

Most universities will give advice on local doctors you can register with, or even offer a campus health centre. Register as soon as possible: if you fall to the dreaded Fresher’s Flu, you’re going to want to get help as soon as possible.

  1. Mental Health

It’s not uncommon for students to suffer mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety. These can be a natural side effect of being in an intimidating new environment, or something that has dogged you throughout your life.

The most important thing you can do in these situations is take care of yourself: many universities have on site resources to help you if you’re having difficulties, so don’t feel shy about reaching out to your student union to ask what is available. They will have staff dedicated to advising you in the best way possible.

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