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Toiletry Bag Basics for the Modern Man

Men who are always on the go are quickly realizing how essential it is to keep a toiletry bag with them all the time. These bags which are also known as Dopp kits are named after its creator, Charles Doppelt. He is credited for providing the WWII US Army with small toiletry kits that only became more popular nowadays since then.

A hygiene bag should carry all the essentials that a modern man ever needs. This is not to say that Dopp kits are only for frequent-flying businessmen, it’s also for every Tom, Dick, and Harry who recognize that men must also step up their game when it comes to good grooming. Toiletry bags like these are not intended to be unpacked every time you finish traveling. In fact, their purpose is to be inside your travel luggage all the time and to be taken out for your convenience.

The Dopp kits of the past were made of leather similar to leather totes but nowadays, they come in different materials that are just as durable and more waterproof. If you want something classy, then, by all means, invest in something more worthwhile. It will be more expensive but it will be something that will be with you for a long time. If not, then there are nylon toiletry bags that easily under $10 in big retail stores. Once you have your bag, it’s time to stock it up on the good stuff:

Tooth Stuff

Dental hygiene is basic grooming 101 so it makes sense to have a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and some dental floss in your Dopp kit. Get some worthwhile travel toothbrush if you plan to make your bag aesthetically-pleasing. Toothbrushes need to be replaced by 3 months and because most of them are made of plastic, it can be bad for the environment. Get a bamboo one instead and if you’re willing to try something new, some organic tooth powder as well.

Shaving Kit

For when you travel with a stubble but prefer to be clean-shaven, having a shaving kit is a necessity. While most opt for disposable or electric ones, you can do nature a big favor by using old-fashioned razors from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts that will last for a really long time. It is stylish, ergonomic, and most of all, it does the job that you need it for in a more sustainable manner.

Multi-Purpose Wipes

A long day of traveling or really long flights can make you feel a little unhygienic especially if you’ve been wearing the same clothes for 48 hours straight. Throwing some multi-purpose wipes in your kit can help you feel refreshed if only for a little bit. Use it to wipe your face, your neck, your hands, and whatever you need it for.


It’s no secret that everyone has problems with body odor, even women. The secret to dealing with it is proper hygiene by keeping clean, using soap and shampoo when bathing, and using deodorant or an antiperspirant. Keep your Dopp kit stocked up with a straight-forward deodorant or antiperspirant for when you feel like you need more application throughout the day.

Nail Clippers

It is considered good grooming when you take care of your nails so always keep them short and attractive. Your personal hygiene can reflect on you as a person so be sure to pack a pair of nail clippers in your toiletry bag so that you can groom your nails any time. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to keep himself neat and clean.

Now that you know what basic items to put inside your Dopp kit, take care to organize the supplies. Everything should have its own designation to ensure that it will survive traveling by boat, flying, or a long car ride. What other things do you carry in your toiletry bag? Feel free to comment below.


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