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Tip’d 1.0 Now Launched

A month ago, I announced the release of a Digg-like social bookmarking site just for financial stories called “Tip’d“. It was still in Beta mode, but they asked me to be partner for promotion and testing purposes.

Now that I’m back from vacation, I can try out their newest official release (1.0). This new release adds/fixes the following features:

  • All links from ‘published’ stories are now plain html links to your submissions. They don’t use any redirects, and no nofollows.
  • Added 2 new categories that were in high demand. These categories are ‘business’ and ‘entrepreneurship’.
  • ‘Add to tip’d’ button/script now has its own server so sites/blogs using the button don’t have to worry about their site getting slowed down because of external javascript calls.
  • The ‘topple’ functionality (the burying/down-voting functionality) has been overhauled and made more robust.
  • Stories now show the time made popular along with time submitted.
  • You can now subscribe to published stories via email in addition to RSS.
  • Site navigation has been made simpler and breadcrumbs have been implemented sitewide.
  • Upcoming stories are sortable in chronological order as well as by popularity.
  • Duplicate story handling has been improved. Users are now automatically redirected to the existing submission (the original to their duplicate).
  • General usability and functionality fixes as well as better spam handling (for foreign language and pornographic submissions, for instance).

If you’re a blogger, sign up and submit your best stories. Read other stories and network with other bloggers both in and outside of your particular niche.

If you’re a financial news aficionado, sign up and use it to find the latest financial news based on what other people like you are interested in.

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