Thinking Beyond Bank

If you own a business, however small or big is its nature the requirement of finance at some point of time is inexorable. Either at the time of starting or during the course of the business choosing the right finance option is one of the most prominent necessities. Finance from the banks is the most traditional concept. But with the development in the financial sector it is seen that financing from the bank involves not only complex procedures but such procedure also takes a lot of time. Therefore going with easy finance option is what the need of the business sector is.

With the investment sector development a lot of non-banking institutions offer finance to the business sector where the procedure involved is less and the complexities are almost negligible. From faster approval to less paper works these institutions have developed hugely and considering one of them as your finance friend is all that you need to do.

Each business is different and has different financial requirement. Knowing the different type of finance options available for your business is important. Here are the main ones that can be considered:

  • Angel investors– financing a start-up is one of the most difficult thing. The need for fund to begin a business is what the most important thing is. But banks seldom finance new ventures as the procedures involved in banking system is complex. But there are wealthy people who are interested in financing start-ups and you can contact them online or through the commerce chamber of the area to know the local angels. The best thing about them is that they can also provide the strategy for your business as an additional support service. Once the profits start coming in they take their decided share and the system ends. A famous start-up that took off with the angel investors include Google.
  • Venture Capital– a type of equity reserve mainly private in nature that offers a finance in the beginning days of a business is what a venture capital is. Mainly the start-ups after exhausting the bootstrap finance opts for this. Mainly the companies providing venture capital finance those businesses that have a capacity for a higher and faster growth rate.
  • Online finance and crowd funding– this is another interesting finance option available. Here you will get the investors online and is one of the most popular growing finance option. The main reason for it becoming a world favourite is because of its speedy disposal of the financed amount.

Crowdfunding is also an online process of finance where the sites let you meet potential investors instead of a single investor. This is best when you actually need a good amount of fund for your business growth.

  • Factoring– this is a simple lending process where a finance is given on the basis of a bill that is due on the customer. You borrow on the basis of such bill and repay soon after the bill is settled.

The concept of business finance has developed far beyond the banks in the modern times. Therefore it is high time to think beyond banks as your finance options.

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