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The Verdict: You Call the Shots Book Review

You Call The Shots by Cameron JohnsonUnlike other book reviews, I’m going to start my reviews of products with a “Yes” or “No” recommendation.

Do I recommend You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson?: YES

I admit I don’t read books about business or entrepreneurs, but since I won the book for free from Consumerism Commentary, I decided I should actually read it.

I’m very glad I did.

This book was not what I expected. I expected a sales pitch on some scheme to make money pitched like those late night infomercials. It wasn’t anything like that.

Cameron Johnson, the young man who has “started over a dozen businesses” and “has never lost money on those businesses” walks us through his life from about age 10 to the present day (about age 24), and the many businesses he’s launched, ran, and sold successfully. He tells us how he spent his evenings after school at his parents’ businesses, learning the ins and outs of business. He then begins his first business, called Cheers & Tears, creating greeting cards from his personal computer and selling them to relatives.

He then moved on to selling to his school, town, and then across the country…all through the internet. He sold that business and then started online business after online business; each filling a market need at the time. He then worked in brick and mortar businesses and now works as a consultant/entrepreneur. What a story.

Cameron speaks in a very upbeat, encouraging and casual manner, and turns out to be a great story-teller. His history is almost unbelievable, but he stays just modest enough to prove himself true.

I didn’t walk away from the book ready to go start my own business, but I definitely know where to go for inspiration and advice when the time comes, which may be soon. I can even apply his learnings from experience to my own website, but I’m not in it for the money…yet 🙂

I’m posting an affiliate link to purchase this book from Amazon below because I really do think it’s an excellent story with quality teachings and personal experiences that can be beneficial to any working man or woman.

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FYI, This was NOT a sponsored post.

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